What is oDesk?

Published: 13th October 2009
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That's the same question I ask my boss when he introduced me to oDesk months ago. "What is oDesk?" I asked him. My boss answered me that it is a freelancing website that offers job wherein you can work part-time in your house plus you earn dollars.

When I heard that I immediately surf the internet and find more details about. At first, I am quite skeptical about it as I have searched the internet the hundred times in my quest to earn money online and sadly most of them were just scams. But as I read some articles in blogs and forum threads, it is legitimate and their are lots of people earning from it. I decided to go with it, I got nothing to lose if I will try it.

I created my account last August 2009 and ever since I am hooked with it. Watching your earnings go up every week is fun and can really brighten up your day. For a detailed step by step procedure on how to register in oDesk, you may want to check out Starting Up in oDesk: Creating your Provider's Account.

Here are some interesting facts about oDesk:

1. oDesk is FREE! You can create your account free of charge. Yes my friend, you don't have to pay anything to join oDesk. Unlike other websites that ask you for payments before you can join and start earning some money.

2. oDesk is for Everyone! Anyone can join oDesk, even if your a college student trying to earn some pocket money, a Full-Time worker working during the day or a retired employee looking to do something and money out of it. Nationality is not a problem as all are equal here as long you have the equipments, the right attitude and the determination to be successful, you are welcome here.

3. oDesk is not a Get to Rich Scheme! In my point of view, you will not really get rich by doing some jobs here. Although I saw some provider who earns as much as $40,000. Its quite amazing and I sometimes envy them with a smile in my face hoping I can also earn that kind money. But of course, it is a fruit of their month long labor.

4. oDesk provides hundreds of jobs everyday! Everyday is a new day in oDesk, expect to find new jobs every hour of the day. Buyers from different part of the world post their jobs to seek for a quality provider to work from them.

5. oDesk offers vast variety of job categories! It includes Administrative Support, Writing and Translation, Customer Service, Software Development, Sales and Marketing, Networking and Information Systems, Design and Multimedia and Business Services. Those are just the main categories, there are still more sub categories inside it.

6. oDesk has different Payment Options! Worrying about on how you can get your earnings? Worry no more as oDesk has different payment methods available and can be use on different countries in the world. Namely oDesk Debit MasterCard (powered by Payoneer), Paypal, Moneybookers, Direct Deposit/ACH (for US providers only) and Wire Transfer (not recommended as it cost a whooping $30 per transaction).

7. oDesk give their software application for FREE! You can download an application that you will use when doing the job. You don't have to pay for it, just download it from their website or click here. It will be use so that your buyer can manage and look if you are doing your job and it can be your proof that you are really doing your job. This is very applicable if you are working on a hourly rate.

8. oDesk have good Tech Support! If you have questions or problems regarding your accounts or anything related to odesk, you can shoot them some tickets and they will reply back to you as soon as possible. Or while waiting, you may read some threads in their forums and maybe you can find some of the answers in your problem. oDesk have representatives there that actively maintain the forum.

Still having second thoughts in joining oDesk? Try it yourself, it will not hurt. Instead it will open a door of countless opportunities.

"The two most powerful warriors are patience and time."

-Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy

Having a lot of patience is important especially those who are still starting from the ground. Don't lose hope, even the top providers start from the ground and look at them now. Just focus on the field that you are best with and always stay true to yourself and to your future buyers. Creating fake and bogus profile accounts just to get notice will not get anywhere.

If you are now ready to enter the world of oDesk, click the banner below and have fun!

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